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Yes, we perform many types of surgery here.  Anything from a simple laceration or abscess, to a major surgery such as an exploratory for foreign bodies that cause obstructions, the removal of tumors, or in some cases we have been able to diagnose and remove canine spleens before they rupture and it is too late to save the pet.

 The most important thing that determines the outcome of a surgery of any type is YOU.  Owners today are not aware of how important it is not to wait.

When YOU notice your pet is vomiting or has diarrhea, these  are important symptoms of deseases.  And if your pet stops wanting to eat , don't try to tempt him with treats and people food.  If an animal stops eating it is usually because he or she is ill.  This is one of the first signs you might see.

MOST OF ALL NEVER HESITATE TO PHONE US, IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION OR A CONCERN JUST PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL US.  If we are open our staff can let you know if it is something to be concerned about, or if you need to bring your pet in for the doctor to examine him.

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