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The Animal Emergency Clinic of Brandon, located in Brandon Florida, has been open to the residents of Southern Hillsborough County since 1987. Originally located at 757 W. Brandon BLVD in the Oakfield Shopping Center, it was relocated to the Lumsden Executive Park at 693 W. Lumsden Road, Brandon FL 33511 in 2003.

Call (813) 684-3013 at the first sign of illness, waiting makes treatment more difficult and therefore more costly.

This clinic is open nights, weekends and holidays, when regular day clinics are closed. Our primary purpose is to be here for your clinics after hour clients pets needs. We believe in the local veterinarians' and our prupose is to support them and their patients after hours needs. We are here when your pets need us the most.

Although most people are not sure when their pet is in need of an emergency clinic, you are always welcome to call us if you are concerned. A dog or cat that is vomiting or has diarrhea can dehydrate rather quickly causing a simple problem to become a serious problem over night. Often early intervention with fluid therapy and medications can prevent life threatening circumstances to arise.

Our veterinarians have years of experience practicing veterinary medicine, they are qualified to diagnose and treat your pets' illnesses. Most of the time you will take your pet home with you in a matter of minutes, you won't have to wait for us to locate a specialist to treat an injury that your own personal veterinarian would be able to handle. (SPECIALISTS ARE ABLE TO CHARGE YOU MORE BECAUSE THEY ARE SPECIALISTS.)

We have available here at our facility a surgical suite, and oxygen chamber complete with temperature controls. We run all our blood work here in our hospital and have results within half an hour. We have X-Ray equipment and we send the original X-Rays home with you to take to your primary care veterinarian at no additional cost to you. Our doctor will go over the diagnostic results with you and explain his or her findings, so you will know what is going on in the treatment of your pet.

We understand that your pet is more than just an animal, and that you feel as strongly about the care that is given to your pet as you would to one of your children. We take that responsibility very seriously. When you leave our clinic you will be referred back to your primary care veterinarian and given a copy of the doctors' report and copies of the blood work and x-rays if these diagnostics were done. We will also fax copies of these records to your local veterinarian, so he or she will be prepared to discuss with you the continued care of your pet.

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